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Most of the Debian work I have been doing since 1998 is available for free, I’m self-employed and have no wage coming in every month. I rely on your support to continue doing the good work that you (hopefully) appreciate. Check below for ways to show me that you like what I do!

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Amounts received
January 2011: 152,53 €
February 2011: 324,37 €
March 2011: 180,35 €
April 2011: 235,37 €
May 2011: 151,61 €
June 2011: 195,65 €
July 2011: 170,39 €
August 2011: 91,44 €
September 2011: 144,30 €
October 2011: 130,30 €
November 2011: 310,73 €
December 2011: 364,18 €
January 2012: 213,68 €
February 2012: 384,14 €
March 2012: 227,83 €
April 2012: 186,38 €
May 2012: 338,26 €
June 2012: 168,12 €
July 2012: 72,65 €
August 2012: 88,41 €
September 2012: 1086,48 €
October 2012: 120,26 €
November 2012: 692,20 €
December 2012: 692,20 €
January 2013: 84,25 €
February 2013: 78,31 €
March 2013: 114,19 €
April 2013: 102,70 €
May 2013: 77,49 €
June 2013: 106,39 €
July 2013: 167,67 €
August 2013: 47,50 €
September 2013: 86,18 €
October 2013: 95,98 €
November 2013: 44,52 €
December 2013: 147,56 €
January 2014: 70,72 €
February 2014: 71,75 €
March 2014: 51,25 €
April 2014: 39,90 €
May 2014: 40,33 €
June 2014: 168,17 €
July 2014: 548,59 €
August 2014: 548,59 €
Last donation on: 2014-09-11
So far in September 2014: 15 €.

I need roughly 2000 EUR every month to have a decent life with my family. Every time that you give me money, it means I can spend time contributing new features to Debian, or write more great documentation, instead of looking for customers. Show your appreciation, donate now!

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If your company uses Debian, please join the Debian Long Term Support initiative. It’s important to give back to what you freely benefit from.

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I am an independent consultant and I offer my services via my company (Freexian SARL). Check out my offer of consulting and technical assistance. I can also create Debian packages, and help you to get them integrated into Debian.

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