About this project

This blog collects all my writings about the Debian and Ubuntu projects and the larger free software ecosystem. I believe that free software and Debian-based distributions will — on the long run — take over the computing/IT world and you surely don’t want to miss that. You can follow along by RSS, email updates, or just by coming back to this site from time to time.

I am deeply committed to the Debian ecosystem and want this project to achieve world domination (our motto is “The universal OS” after all!). This website and its associated community is the base camp for all my projects aimed towards this goal.

What to expect

News from Debian and Ubuntu

First of all, I try to provide regular news from the Debian and Ubuntu projects. At least for Debian, this is an overlooked area since many contributors do not think about advertising their work.

Top-notch end-user documentation

From time to time, I will write new documentation for Debian and Ubuntu users, or will provide links to excellent documentation that I discovered.

Documentation for contributors

For Debian and Ubuntu to succeed in the long-term, they need to recruit new volunteers all the time. They both do, but it’s always possible to do way better. I hope to provide documentation for all the steps involved in order to streamline the process for you.

Opportunities to help

There are many ways to help the project but by joining my Debian Supporters Guild, you can choose to support projects that will shape Debian’s future.

Everybody can help at its own level: people with time and skills can directly contribute code, translation, documentation, etc. Others can help by donating to specific projects and by giving feedback.

Why this project?

I have been contributing to Debian on my free time since 1998 and I want to go to the next level: alone I can only make a small difference, but with the support of many we can tackle bigger projects that will have a lasting impact on the free software landscape.

I plan to achieve this goal by sharing my experience and my knowledge of the Debian project, by training people and convincing them to join as contributors, and by recruiting people for my Debian Supporters Guild.

I hope to make this project sustainable so that it can become my full-time occupation. In order to achieve this, I will sell ebooks featuring the topics already covered by my blog, I will seek financial support for some development projects, and I will propose innovative services.