Debian Packaging Tutorials

Debian Packaging is an art. The available tools evolve constantly, and so must your packages to follow the evolution of the Debian Policy.

This page is full of Debian packaging tips and lessons, both for beginners and for seasoned packagers.


  1. How to use quilt to manage patches in Debian packages
  2. How to use multiple upstream tarballs in Debian source packages
  3. How to customize dpkg-source’s behaviour in your Debian source package
  4. How to create Debian packages with alternative compression methods
  5. How to generate different dependencies on Debian and Ubuntu with a common source package
  6. The right way to remove an obsolete conffile in a Debian package
  7. Correctly renaming a conffile in Debian package maintainer scripts
  8. Managing distribution-specific patches with a common source package


  1. 4 tips to maintain a “3.0 (quilt)” Debian source package in a VCS
  2. Avoid a newbie packager mistake: don’t build your Debian packages with dpkg -b
  3. 3 ways to not clutter your Debian source package with autogenerated files
  4. Best practices when sponsoring Debian packages

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