Mastering Debian and Ubuntu

While Debian works wonderfully well out of the box, it can bring you much more than what you would expect… if only you knew about those features.

The articles listed here can help you go to the next level. You’ll discover lots of new features and tips, and learn some internals of Debian. Knowing how things work under the hood is a giant step towards expertise because it helps you diagnose problems much more efficiently.

Installing Debian

  1. Download ISO images of Debian CD/DVD at light speed with Jigdo
  2. Why you should always have a network connection when installing Debian

Managing your Debian system

  1. Debian Cleanup Tip #1: Get rid of useless configuration files
  2. Debian Cleanup Tip #2: Get rid of obsolete packages
  3. Debian Cleanup Tip #3: Get rid of third-party packages
  4. Debian Cleanup Tip #4: Find broken packages and reinstall them
  5. Debian Cleanup Tip #5: Identify cruft that can be removed from your Debian system
  6. Debian Cleanup Tip #6: Remove automatically installed packages that are no longer needed
  7. Save disk space by excluding useless files with dpkg
  8. Howto to rebuild Debian packages
  9. Missing firmware in Debian? Learn how to deal with the problem
  10. apt-get, aptitude, … pick the right Debian package manager for you

Understanding Debian packages

  1. Everything you need to know about conffiles: configuration files managed by dpkg
  2. 5 reasons why a Debian package is more than a simple file archive
  3. Deciphering one of dpkg’s weirdest errors: short read on buffer copy
  4. Deciphering one of dpkg’s weirdest errors: unable to open ‘/path/to/foo.dpkg-new’
  5. Understanding dpkg’s file overwrite error
  6. Understand dpkg and don’t get stuck with a maintainer script failure

Knowing Debian’s offering

  1. Understanding Debian’s release process
  2. 5 reasons why Debian Unstable does not deserve its name

Learning how the Debian community works

  1. How Ubuntu builds up on Debian
  2. 7 tips to file useful Debian bug reports and get your problem solved

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