Contributing to Debian

You have been happily using Debian (or Ubuntu) for some time, and now you would like to give something back. You don’t really know where to start… the articles below will let you discover numerous ways to contribute and will teach you all the basics to get you started.

Enjoy your new journey in the Debian community!

  1. How to start contributing to Debian?
  2. 7 mistakes to avoid when participating to Debian mailing lists
  3. Howto to rebuild Debian packages
  4. How to prepare patches for Debian packages
  5. How to squash Debian release critical bugs
  6. How to triage bugs in the Debian bug tracking system
  7. Answering questions of Debian users on various support channels
  8. Contributing to the translation of Debian (How to translate programs and manuals using Gettext and its PO files)

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