Debian CD and DVD by Raphaël Hertzog

I’m no longer selling Debian DVD. You can find other resellers on the official list.

I sell two kinds of Debian CD/DVD: official and unofficial ones.

Official Debian DVD

I sell only one official Debian image, it’s the Multi-Arch DVD for i386/amd64 (that is for PC). It comes with a nice DVD box and is of professional quality. Click on one of the pictures below to go to the shop where you can buy only this DVD.

You can also buy it together with other unofficial DVD/CD, just follow the links in the section below and you will find it in the shop together with the other DVD/CD.

Unofficial Debian DVD and CD with non-free firmware

Most of the CD and DVD that I sell are built from an unofficial image that I generate. Please click here or on the picture below to learn more about them and get your copy. Basically its has the same content than official Debian CD/DVD but I add non-free firmware that you might need for proper hardware support and modify the default theme.