New source package formats: call for tests

During the last weeks I’ve been busy working on adding support of new source package formats to dpkg-source (the wig&pen format, a wig&pen variant based on quilt, Joey’s git based format integrated by djpig, …). I just reached the state where I believe the code is mostly ready to be merged in the master branch. Thus I would like some external testing and feedback.

Grab and install the package here and try building packages with dpkg-source "--format=3.0 (quilt)" -b mypackage (or any other new format). You can find more infos in the call for test on debian-dpkg (here and here). If you find regressions, please report them.

If you want to grab the latest sources, use git clone git:// dpkg; cd dpkg; git checkout -b sourcev3 origin/sourcev3.

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  1. The last instruction “git checkout sourcev3″ give me an error. Should it have a sourcev3 branch declaration in .git/config ? On this repository git:// , it’s the default branch.

  2. Oops, sorry it should be “git checkout -b sourcev3 origin/sourcev3″ as there’s only a remote sourcev3 branch and no local one.

  3. Can I use “dpkg -i” instead of “dpkg-source “–format=3.0 (quilt)” -b mypackage” for installing your package ? Or I have to use dpkg-source ?

  4. Scurz, the binary packages (*.deb) are unchanged, the change concerns only the source package (*.dsc). So keep using dpkg -i for installing Debian packages.

  5. Installed. No problem for installing. 😉