Resurrecting projects

During this week-end I tried to give initial impulses on several projects of interest for me :

DebianEduFrench: a new mailing list has just been setup for this project. We intend to foster cooperation between several French educational Debian-based projects. We’ll try to integrate their work into Debian directly to avoid needless duplication of effort. This follows my last call for help on debian-devel-announce. If you speak French and have good packaging skills, you’re welcome to join and help us on the mailing list.

Collaborative maintenance infrastructure: this one started as a project to handle orphaned packages but after the talk we gave at the Debian-QA meeting in Darmstadt, we agreed that it is of broader interest: in particular for mentoring future Debian developers. This tool could also interest Ubuntu which has in fact already started something covering a part of this proposal: REVU (development web site). So I crosspossted a call in several Debian & Ubuntu lists in order to create a little team to work on this project and make it happen. But there’s still room for discussions as nothing is in stone yet …

That’s enough for one week-end !