Blogging considerations and updates concerning the French planet

Since the policy of the Debian planet is to not restrict content to Debian-related stuff, I switched the URL of my feed in PlanetDebian to include any English content that I might blog about. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to overwhelm you with random crap. I’m currently trying to blog more in French instead.

Since I maintain the French Debian planet, I decided to apply the same policy for the French version (and announced it here). At the same time I also created a planet for the French-speaking Debian users who happen to blog… it’s hosted on the same server at and its policy is a bit more strict as it only allows free-software related content.

For all those reasons, I recategorized my articles so that I can now provide an english-only feed and a french-only feed. The first one is used on and the second one on

Continuing on this blogging frenzy, I upgraded WordPress to the latest version, I installed the subscribe-to-comments plugin and translated it to French. Thus it’s now possible to have a sane discussion in the comments of my blog articles!