Reorganization of my blog, please update your feeds

Up to now I had a single blog hosted on, I used to blog in French and in English on many topics, even though free software and Debian was the main topic. Sometimes I avoided blogging on something because it would not really match the expectations of my readers (and of the various planets syndicating my blog). And I have always been annoyed by the fact that English readers were second-class on my blog because everything was configured in French.

So I decided to fix this once for all, I have created two new blogs in addition to The latter is now my private blog (in French) with everything that is not free software related. And free software will be the topic of my 2 new blogs :

I have setup some HTTP redirections on various feed URLs but if you were subscribed to my main feed, you’re now redirected to the new English feed and you might want to subscribe to the French one to continue reading my articles in French. In any case, you might want to update the feed URL that you used.

I also profited from this reorganization to switch to WordPress 3.0 and the 3 blogs are hosted on the same installation thanks to the new multisite feature and to the domain mapping plugin. The main regression in those changes is that I’m back to the (new) default theme of WordPress with the standard header image. I would like to personalize them but I have no graphics skills… but if you do and would like to work on this for me, please get in touch. I’ll make sure you get your pony in return. 🙂

More changes concerning those blogs are in the pipe but that will be the topic of other posts. Thanks for following !