Answering questions of Debian users on various support channels

When you start your journey with Debian, you tend to have lots of questions. You’ll find some answers in various documentations but there always are remaining questions. Those can be asked on various support channels:

Those are the places where you can also start your journey as a Debian contributor… instead of asking questions, you just have to answer questions of other users! Let me share some advice if you want to do some user support.

User support is difficult…

It’s not always an easy task. Some users are more skilled than others and there might be difficulties related to the language, English is not always the native language of a user who asks a question in English.

Be respectful and courteous when you answer user questions, even if they made mistakes. You’re effectively representing Debian and you should give out a good image of the project. If you don’t have the patience or the time needed to do a good answer, don’t reply and let someone else take care of this user. I invite you to read (and follow!) the Debian Community Guidelines.

Avoid RTFM answers, instead you should show the users how they could have found (alone) the solution to their problem. We don’t want to scare people away, we want to grow our community.

But it’s also rewarding

In some cases, the problem reported by the user will be a real problem and you’ll have an opportunity to file a good bug report, thus helping to improve Debian for everybody.

Often, you don’t even have the answer to the user’s question. But you’re more skilled than him/her to do researches on the web, or you know of a good documentation that might contain the relevant bits of information, in any case you’re doing further research to help this user. In this process, you also grow your own skills since you’re learning stuff that you didn’t know yet.

At least that’s how I learned many things during my first year in the Debian community… there’s no reason why you couldn’t learn lots of stuff that way, in particular if you also read the answers of other skilled people on those channels (it takes a bit of training to learn who are the skilled people though).

I still believe that doing user support is one of the best ways to join the Debian community and to start contributing. It helps you to grow your skills, and to slowly progress from “average user” to “advanced user”.

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  1. David Dušanić says

    You explained that very well and that is all I do but one of the help channels is almost unusable for new Debian users, it is the Debian Forum. Many folks there are skilled but there is also a bunch of idiots, sorry to mention it, that only rant instead to help and they are very aggressive towards people coming from another distro, (choose your distro here), really sad. I am an advanced user but I left the forum.

    Otherwise is really good. The Debian community is a great place in general and that is nice but if we want to grow then those flame wars over at the Forum have to stop one day. It gives such a bad picture of the Debian community.

    • says

      Sorry, I don’t have any good suggestion to help you. Have you tried contacting the forums admins to see what they think of this situation? Also there are multiples forums… are they really on a forum where new Debian users are expected to post?

      In my experience the best way to “combat” those is to reply calmly every time that they reply aggressively to someone else. When multiple persons show that they don’t accept abusive behavior, it tends to calm them down. It also reassures the person who has been attacked for no good reason.

      • David Dušanić says

        No problem and I appreciate people like you. I do not have to be there. I quit definiteley. It was not a good place to be part of, I mean no community feeling at all, and the mods there are not really interested in making it a better place.

        Some people just think Debian has to be a religious and elitist place forever.

        I support and give support to Debian in other ways and on other channels. That said, I love Debian and do not want to complain, only wanted to open the minds for the grey zones we have.

        Keep the good work!