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You are using Free Software every day and would like to contribute back but you don't have any time to commit? No worries, here's a simple way to make you feel better and to help Free Software.

Join Flattr

Flattr LogoJoin Flattr and use it to support Free Software developers. Flattr is social micropayment system, you decide how much you spend on it every month and the money is split between all the things that you “flattr'd”. More and more Free Software projects are putting Flattr buttons on their websites, and many individual developers are also putting them in their blogs.

Flattr a Free Software Each Month

If you regularly visit Free Software related websites, you will likely see Flattr buttons (similar to the pictures on the right, or the button on the bottom of this page): just make sure to click on them if you appreciate the work done.

Note that the Flattr FOSS newsletter has been discontinued.

History and Feedback

If you want to give feedback, you can either mail me directly or use one of the blog posts below to leave a comment: