Discover my Debian DVD shop

After a private launch (with discounted prices) for my newsletter subscribers, it’s now time to open my Debian DVD shop to the public.

I did not want to become yet another DVD reseller, so my DVDs are different and better. Here’s why you want to get one (or more):

  1. it’s easier to install Debian with my DVDs since they provide all the (non-free) firmwares that have been stripped and that you’re supposed to provide on a USB key;
  2. the installed system features the former theme (MoreBlue Orbit) and not SpaceFun (although you can reactivate SpaceFun easily if you prefer it);
  3. 100% of the benefits are reinvested into Debian (90% to fund my Debian work, 10% given back to Debian to fund work meetings)
  4. they are provided in a beautiful DVD case and despite this they are not expensive (between $3.49 and $5.49)

Click here to learn more about my DVD offer.

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Debian Squeeze artwork selected by the desktop team

It looks like the desktop team has selected the artwork (including wallpaper and GDM theme) for the upcoming Debian 6.0 release.

The winner of the small contest is SpaceFun by Valessio Brito. Included below is the splash screen, click here to see all the pictures.

The other options in the poll were Nightly, Ciel and Lisp Machine. Thanks to the artists who participated in this contest!

But the work is not over yet: while the artwork has been selected, it still needs to be integrated in the system. If you feel like helping by creating a theme for a display manager (GDM/KDM/SLIM) or for the Grub boot loader, please drop a mail to (subscribe here).

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