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  1. The Board (Flattr link) is a sort of digital scrapbook. You can quickly paste and mix notes, pictures, videos, audio recording, … all on virtual pages. The result is very nice and it’s a GNOME application.
  2. Knights (Flattr link) is a chess game for KDE. It’s nice to see some KDE applications on Flattr!
  3. Syncany (Flattr link) is dropbox-like service (file synchronization between multiple computers) except that you can choose where to host your data. It’s a recent project but it looks very promising!
  4. JDownloader (Flattr link) is a java application that simpliefies download of files from One-Click-Hosters like or It offers downloading in multiple parallel streams, captcha recognition, automated file extraction, and much more.
  5. Ball and Paddle (Flattr link) is an extensible ball and paddle game that lets you script the events and attributes of the objects (balls, blocks, powerups, etc.) with GNU Guile, the official GNU extension language. It’s a GNU project: Flattr seems to be popular among GNU authors apparently. :)

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  1. sometime in the future, could you post something to help support ldap usage in Debian?

  2. Shamelessly suggesting my own FOSS project for consideration: