Planet Debian for users ?

A few days ago I created a planet for French Debian users, and the interest is slowly growing. In fact, I just received a request to add an English-speaking blog!

So the question is: why not creating (and hosting) an English-speaking planet for Debian users that would allow only Debian-related articles. Developers are also users and if they have a feed dedicated to their Debian posts, they could add it of course. It would be handled like the current planet and a few volunteers could collect and process the requests to add new feeds for non-developers.

This would provide the much-requested alternative of filtering planet Debian… and also encourage some of our users to blog about Debian and how they use it.

What do you think of this idea?


  1. Lucas Nussbaum says

    I’m not sure. I fear that it would turn out to be like Planet Ubuntu (where some posters, who post very frequently and only about trivial howtos, are totally boring). If there’s a voting system like planet-libre’s, it might work.

  2. says

    i think a planet for users is an exellent idea and propose(d) to have it on using ikiwiki. I’d also propose to have many there…

  3. i5513 says

    When, where doc about the package could be filled with wiki stile ?

    A template like:

    Versions in debian:
    Common Uses:

    It would be a great idea.

    This page shoud be accesible from

    Debian Rocks !

  4. says

    I like the idea, but I’m afraid it could die of success: too many people will ask to be aggregated and they will end blogging about non technical stuff… that will make the users’ planet a bunch of unrelated blogs… Plus, some people will end blogging about polemical stuff (i.e. political ideas)

    An alternative can be a listing of users blogs, it is not exactly the same, but you always can go, take a look and subscribe to the feeds of the blogs you find interesting.

  5. says

    An excellent idea. I thought about something like this when I started The Debian User some year ago, but simply didn’t want to make just another non-official site (means: not on or

    I had that idea again when I learned of Holger’s, but we never had the time to work things out…

    I *did* set up a subdomain tho, so it would only be a matter of copying the latest planet software onto it – the dependencies (python) are met.

    But maybe we should discuss the official way? Will you come to Systems? I’m one of the volunteers there, running the Debian booth/stand.

    kind regards,

  6. says

    I’m up to it: if it is considered a good idea, I’m offering to build, host and maintain it. Also, I think that the issue Ana (and others) said could be easilly fixed with the use of tags…

  7. says

    @Lucas, what sounds boring to us might be interesting to others… the technical level might drop, but on the other hand it might also bring the attention of a few knowledgeable people on some dubious advice posted on a personal blog which would then get some proper warnings in the comments.

    As for the vote system, it would be great if planet-libre was free… but right now it isn’t, so you’ll have to reinvent the feature. 🙂

    @Mind, wjl: thanks for the offers, but it should be trivial to create on our machine that already hosts the current planet . Then if we host it on as suggested by Holger, I guess the situation is the same…

    @Ana, if people blog about unrelated stuff, then we remove their feeds. It shouldn’t be too difficult to have people respect the policy that we define. And the day when its success makes it a problem, we can always adjust our rules if really needed.

  8. Lucas Nussbaum says

    Maybe a Planet Debian Users would be a good opportunity to find people interested in improving the planetplanet codebase (or another planet implementation). planetplanet has been quite idle AFAIK, and there could definitely be some improvements. Like votes, feeds excluding some posters, archives, etc. I’m not sure that hosting this on gluck.d.o is a good idea, because it might be a problem with future improvements (for example, if the planet uses a DB as backend).

    On another topic, it would be great to discuss a policy right from the start. Stuff like: “it’s considered excessive to post more than 2 times a week.”

  9. says

    As a matter of fact, I am a Debian user (have been for a long time), never took the resolve to pass through NM (I do not know what I should maintain, I am not a good translator, I do bug reports and try to investigate them deep enough so as to post patch with them)… But I do post on Debian, specifically. I updated things, posted workarounds, raised questions… My feed is at and I hope it would be of interest to Debian users/readers.

  10. says

    A english planet for debian users is a very good idea because currently, only debian developers can put their feed on, too bad !

    I’m in accord with you !

  11. says

    I’d also be interested in being aggregated on a planet for Debian users. My blog isn’t strictly technical, but I’m sure that just a feed for just technical Debian related posts could be used.

  12. says

    @Buxy: Cool – go for it. Can’t wait to see more users of Debian write cool HowTos, hardware tests and stuff. Maybe an included search like etbe described it here would be helpful? One example to pinpoint the use of that:

    If you are looking for the best possible NAS device for @ home, which can be turned into a full-fledged Debian server, it’s sometimes hard to find entries like the one from Martin, or even that cool Japanese device someone was blogging about quite a while ago. Having some meta-search over all the subscribed blogs would help a lot in that regard IMHO.

    Anyway: I’m very thankful for Planet Debian already, and for all of you who share their Debian-related stuff there. A users’ planet like you have it in mind would be very welcome.

  13. SXW says

    Very good idea. I think contributers should be allowed to write about other stuff than just Debian too, although focus should remain on Debian / Linux, as long as there is the possibility to filter on categories.

  14. says is now up and running, feel free to add your feeds there and to request planets in other languages than german and english.

    Patches for the stylesheet are welcome too 🙂