This time of the year again

Yes, it’s DPL election time again. On the good side, we’ll spend less time this year than we used to thanks the constitution change. On the bad side, it seems that almost nobody is interested to run for DPL (even HE is not sure yet!).

I’ve been relatively satisfied by the work done by sam (although one can always do better) and it looks like many share this feeling… and when this is the case, we just expect the DPL to run again. But sam clearly said that he won’t run again. What a pity.

I also don’t plan to run this year[1] but I’m always interested in leadership issues and I’d gladly be part of a DPL team. Hopefully someone will provide such an alternative on the ballot this year.

Right now, I’m more in the mood of implementing some real changes (like the symbol based dependencies that I added to dpkg-shlibdeps) instead of trying to convince others to do them. When you associate this to some support of the leadership in place, it can give very good results.

Now back to real work, I still have to test and polish the dpkg-source rewrite which adds support of several brand new source package formats. Feel free to check out our progress in the sourcev3 git branch.

[1] Feel free to convince me otherwise by adding some comments here.


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    “although one can do always do better” — prove it? 🙂

    To put it in a different way: why won’t you run this year?

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    Hi Runa, I’m not motivated to write a full platform and explain again what I already explained last year. Just like I said in my blog entry, I’m motivated in doing things and DPL is mostly about speaking and convincing other to change or to adopt a new strategy (at least the whole election period is dedicated to that, and even after – for having worked with sam on the DSA front – it’s still lot of political stuff that I don’t feel like doing alone). So if anyone comes up with a team and wants me on board, I’ll probably accept.

    As for Sam’s action, he got some results on the DSA front and on the ftpmasters side, but we still don’t have a new design of the website and the buildd side of our infrastructure could probably benefit from some more people (even though it’s great to see that neuro/elmo gave wanna-build rights to a few more people, but I don’t think that sam is behind this change).