About the Debian Community Poll

While I find the idea interesting, several of the questions can’t be correctly answered because the proposed choices are not realistic or too limited.

On the question of the usage of money, I believe we should spend money to fund important projects but I don’t want to fund “people having important positions in Debian and doing important work”. What should I reply? (Granted, there’s the other item but that doesn’t help getting a clear picture of the answers)

On the question “Do you prefer time based releases instead of the «it’s ready when it’s ready» releases?”, it is putting two concepts in opposition when the release managers recently proposed a third way that combines both: “time based freezes and release when it’s ready”. This is what I want and I can’t adequately express it either in the current poll.


  1. Paul Wise says

    There is also the option to do both time-based releases and normal when it is ready releases, cf Joey Hess’ CUT idea.

  2. Torsten Werner says

    The poll is not a scientific study. Most people should be able to fill it out easily and it should not take too much time.

  3. says

    Torsten, adding a few choices does not change the time needed to answer it and while I understand that it’s mostly informal to see if you would get some unexpected results, I think it’s still important to offer a set of answers that cover a realistic range of opinions.

    Thanks for the initiative though!