Joining Ubuntu as a Debian developer

I’m a Debian developer since 1998 and have been fostering cooperation between Debian and Ubuntu since its inception with various levels of success.

I recently decided to go one step further and join Ubuntu as an official member. I wanted to be able to vote and to promote best cooperation practices from the Ubuntu side as well (and not only in Debian). Joining as a Debian developer should be relatively easy, it is well known in the Debian community that Mark Shuttleworth once said:

Every Debian developer is also an Ubuntu developer, because one way to contribute to Ubuntu is to contribute to Debian.

So I sought to verify that too! Here’s the result.

I prepared my application page collecting 2 testimonials from Lucas Nussbaum and Colin Watson, I registered for the next EMEA membership meeting (which happened yesterday, irc logs here), and I attended. (I just followed the instructions on the wiki)

During the meeting, when it was my turn, I pasted my short introduction and got immediately +1 votes from several board members, they didn’t even want to hear from me, they were already convinced. 🙂 I still responded to a few questions and elaborated on my goals and was promptly accepted even if I made it clear that my technical contributions will continue to be done within Debian.

A few minutes later I was added to the ubuntumembers launchpad group and this morning I followed the instructions to add my feed to Planet Ubuntu and here I am…

The whole process has been very smooth and the meeting shows a very welcoming attitude. Even someone who was denied the Ubuntu member status was cheered for his work and encouraged to try again when he can present some testimonials from other members.

Hello Planet Ubuntu!


  1. Marc says


    Just for your information the best design and best implementation is MacOS.