Go2Linux interviewed me: the biggest problem of Debian

Guillermo Garron of Go2Linux enjoys a lot the “People behind Debian” interviews that I make. That’s why he interviewed me (with somewhat similar questions) and published the result on his blog.

Click here to read the full interview. I speak of my Debian projects, of the Ubuntu-Debian relationship, and more.

The question that I would like to highlight is “What’s the biggest problem of Debian?”. I answered this:

Our project identity is somewhat minimalistic. It evolves around the social contract and the Debian Free Software Guidelines. Both documents answer the question of what we’re doing but we lack a clear answer to the question of how we’re supposed to work towards our goals. It would be great if Debian could agree on some principles concerning topics like goal setting, collaboration, team work, politeness, respect. We could then advertise those and build on them while recruiting volunteers.

PS: The interview also hit LinuxToday.


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    I think that one of the biggest problems in debian is that it does not exist any certification…. could you tall me something about it?

    • says

      You mean a certification for people like “Red Hat Certified Engineer”?

      Or do you mean Debian being a certified platform by vendors of proprietary software?

      In either case, it’s more of a political problem than a technical problem. You can find lots of people who are competent with Debian.