Discover 5 free software that you can support with Flattr

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  1. Psychosynth (Flattr link) is a modular synthesis framework. I’m not into music but this user interface looks really different from what you could expect from this kind of software. Watch out the video on its home page!
  2. JS Beautifier (Flattr link) is a very handy tool to beautify javascript code that has been packed to save size (or to obfuscate it)… it’s available as a online service but there’s also a command-line variant.
  3. Bombono DVD (Flattr link) is a DVD authoring tool which aims to be really easy to use. It has a slick user interface and relies on the well known ffmpeg program for the low level tasks.
  4. Key-mon (Flattr link) is a small utility that monitors and displays the status of the keyboard and the mouse in a little non-intrusive window. It’s useful when you record screencasts: you want to show keyboard combinations that have been used, and the viewer should be able to notice that some clicks were made with modifier keys (like CTRL/ALT).
  5. Libre Graphics Magazine (Flattr link) is a publication devoted to people who are working with Libre Graphics software, both professionals and hobbyists. The magazine is a community work and is thus useful to share experience. It’s also a great tool to promote free software in circles where proprietary software is still the norm. The magazine is licensed under the CC BY-SA license so it’s truly free… well worth a few Flattr IMO.

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