Contribute to Debian while promoting the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

We just announced the launch of the fundraising campaign for the Debian Administrator’s Handbook.

We wanted to use this opportunity to let people contribute money both to our project but also to Debian itself. That’s why we have setup a special link that you can use to participate. 15% of any donation made through this link (after VAT has been subtracted) will be given back to the Debian Project.

Here’s the link:

Feel free to use this link when promoting the project to your friends, so that even more money goes back to Debian.

You can also embed a special widget on your website where any visitor that ends up becoming a supporter will also contribute 15% to the Debian project.

Help us spread the word about the project, and help raise money for Debian!


  1. says

    i’am interested in liberating the administrator handbook, but i don’t want to use paypal :/
    Is there another way to do it ?

    • says

      Hello Benoit, yes but not a very practical one. Ulule allows to register money that I have received outside of their system, see so you would have to send me money (most likely by wire transfer, international checks are expensive) and take a picture of you with the receipt of this wire transfer so that I can prove to Ulule that it’s not me trying to fake the game. If you’re interested into pursuing this, please mail me at and I’ll give you the bank account details.

  2. Michael O'Shea says


    Je suis totalement bilingue anglais-français. Si vous avez besoin d’aide avec l’effort de traduction, n’hésitez pas a m’envoyer un email.


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