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Maybe do you remember, last year I mentored a Google Summer of code whose aim was to replace our well known Package Tracking System with something more modern, usable by derivatives and more easily hackable. The result of this project is a new Django-based software called Distro Tracker.

Warning, some internals aheadWith the help of the Debian System Administrators, it’s now setup on!

This service is also managed by the Debian QA team, it’s deployed in /srv/ (on, a VM) if you want to verify something on the live installation. It runs under the “qa” user (so members of the “qa-core” group can administer it).

That said you can reproduce the setup on your workstation quite easily, just by checking out the git repository and applying this change:

--- a/distro_tracker/project/settings/
+++ b/distro_tracker/project/settings/
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ overrides on top of those type-of-installation-specific settings.
 from .defaults import INSTALLED_APPS
 from .selected import *
+from .debian import *
 ## Add your custom settings here

Speaking of contributing, the documentation includes a “Contributing” section to get you up and running, ready to do your first contribution!

Now go use this new service and report any issue against the new pseudo-package (BTW knows about pseudo-packages, example here).

There are many small things that need to be fixed/improved, if you know Python/Django and would like to start contributing to Debian, here’s your chance! 🙂


  1. Anonymous says

    I do like the new tracker but I’m disturbed by the colors of the panels. Compared to the old PTS the grey colors are making it harder to quickly identify a section as the contrast between the grey and the background is quite weak. (Compare this with this.)

    How about something like the following CSS?

    .panel-heading {
    background-color: #FF90AF;

    • Billy Larlad says

      I’m going to have to agree with anonymous above. In its current iteration, tracker’s UI is a bit too white. It is indeed hard to differentiate sections. Also, it seems to me that there is just a bit too much white space between everything.

      Then again, that seems like the way sites are designed nowadays. Perhaps I am just looking at Tracker with outdated eyes!

      Anyway, it seems like a good replacement. Thanks for the good work, people!

  2. toobuntu says

    Seems to be missing the ability to subscribe to a package like one can do on the PTS. Are there plans to add this?

    • says

      Hello toobuntu, It’s not missing, but you need to have an account to be able to subscribe. On the plus side, once you have done this, there’s no need to confirm the subscription by email. See the subscribe button on the top-right.

  3. andrew says

    Google does some financial sposoring, and useful things come from that as it seems.
    I don’t want to use any of their services in spite of it. If it was possible, I would opt out from Google-Groups and websearch with my e-mail-adresses, because I do not want to support their business-model with my data.
    It’s also a bit sad, that today one practically cannot do without any online tracking- oder adblocker.