Discover 5 free software projects that you can support with Flattr

Flattr FOSS LogoThe Free Software community is not only composed of software projects, so this month I’ll include two projects whose goal is not to develop software (at least not directly).

  1. Dizzy.js (Flattr link) is a small javascript application to build nice animated presentations like those of but instead of being Flash-based, they combine SVG (for the content) and javascript (for the animations/transitions). JessyInk is similar but doesn’t use Flattr.
  2. AdBlock for Google Chrome (Flattr link) is the famous extension used to hide all the advertisements on the web.
  3. The Chakra Project (Flattr link) is an Arch Linux derivative focusing on KDE. They are also experimenting with an “Half Rolling Release” meaning that the core/base packages are only updated from time to time once they are know to be stable while the rest is frequently updated.
  4. TuxFamily (Flattr link) is a non-profit organization providing (free) hosting services to Free Software projects. Web hosting of course (with PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL to be able to run various web applications) but also VCS repositories, mailing lists, DNS and plain email accounts.
  5. (Flattr link) is a not a software but a campaign organized by the Free Software Fundation Europe to stop promoting Adobe’s PDF reader on government websites. Instead they are encouraging people to put a link to this website promoting open-source PDF readers.

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