How to make 110.28 EUR in one month with free software and Flattr

Flattr FOSS Logo

  1. Create an account on (mine is here);
  2. Submit the URL of your free software project to the Flattr directory with a good description and the proper tags (here’s my entry for dpkg);
  3. Add a Flattr button on your website (I put one on;
  4. Inform your users and reach out to free software users using Flattr by registering your project in Flattr FOSS.

And I’m not alone, Joey Hess made 25 EUR in one week only.

And right now only 30K people are using Flattr. I expect this number to increase significantly now that invites are no longer required to open a Flattr account (see the announce on Flattr’s blog).

It’s time to spread the word about Flattr FOSS!


  1. says

    Great work, well deserved and thanks for the post. I’ve joined in too now, and wanted to flattr you’r project but for some reason that does not work atm. Will try again..

  2. Ebrahim says

    dpkg is great, thanks for your efforts. So is Flattr going to be, I think.
    My question: Will you share the Flattr with other dpkg maintainers? If they want to be flattred for dpkg, they should set up their own separate dpkg thing?

  3. says

    @ebrahim, I offered the other dpkg maintainer (Guillem Jover) to share the revenues, yes. Though he has not yet responded to my offer (that’s the reason why the wiki page states clearly that you support my work by clicking on the button). He was informed from day one that I have registered dpkg on Flattr.

    Flattr does not propose any way to automatically share revenues so it will be manually dealt if needed. The other solution would be to setup an URL for each dpkg maintainer but it would be too complicated for users and it would not have the same visibility than the current entry. So I prefer to share manually the revenues, it’s best for everybody.

    (I recorded this answer on since you asked the question there too, but I saw it only now as there’s no way to be informed of new comments on Flattr currently)

    @Mackenzie, @Catharina, welcome on board! 🙂