What I publish on Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu

Up to now, Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu were syndicating the main feed of my blog. I changed this recently (remember, I explained how I created my custom WordPress feed). Read on to learn why and subscribe to the main feed now if you want to get all my Debian/Ubuntu articles in the future.

Planet Debian/Ubuntu are supposed to be windows into the lives of the contributors. Whatever they are doing. Obviously you get a lot of infos about Debian and Ubuntu since most contributors spend a lot of time working on those distributions. Due to this, those planets have also become dedicated medias to exchange between contributors.

The problem I had is that my blog is more than just a place where I speak of what I do within Debian. As part of my evil plan, I set out my blog to become a great documentation resource for Debian/Ubuntu users. So when I wrote articles for users and/or beginners (like 5 reasons why a Debian package is more than a simple file archive or How to rebuild Debian packages), I got some remarks that it was “odd” to have those articles on Planet Debian because most contributors knew those things already.

The bottom line is that from now on I’ll decide on a case by case whether the article is suitable for Planet Debian&Ubuntu based on my feelings (and the feedback I get by email). But if you enjoyed my articles for users, I invite you to directly subscribe to my blog to make sure you’ll get them all in the future:

By the way I would like to thank you all. This blog has been created last July and I’m glad to have already more than 1400 regular followers (spread over RSS/email/Twitter/Identi.ca/Facebook, not counting the thousands that read me via Planet Debian/Ubuntu).

I hope you’ll enjoy 2011 with me, and continue sharing the articles you like.

Update: if you want you can also subscribe to a feed containing only the articles not published on Planet Debian/Ubuntu. It’s here: https://raphaelhertzog.com/feed/notonplanets/.


  1. Bjoern says

    I really love to read articles like “5 reasons why a Debian package is more than a simple file archive” or “How to rebuild Debian packages” and I also like to read non-Debian specific posts by Debian-Developers. IMHO the planet should be a window into the life of Debian and it’s developers for everyone who is interested in it. Therefore I hope that you are not to picky while selecting articles for the planet.

  2. brother says

    This decision worries me, I read planet debian because of the broad nature of the content in there. Planet Debian has been the only way I read blogs for the past one or two years. Using a RSS-reader or something else just to get all your content without going to your blog and check everyday probably won’t happen.

    On the other hand you might decide to post every single interesting article (according to my judgement of “interesting”) to Planet Debian and then there is no harm done. It just worries me.

    (and for the record: I don’t see me as the general user but I am certainly not a DD or into working with packages and stuff like that either.)

  3. Phil says

    Could you publish a feed of everything that’s not going to Planet Debian/Ubuntu? I’ve already got my RSS reader subscribed to the Planet, and getting duplicate articles is a bit annoying.