Free and Open Source Software Projects to Flattr

Flattr recently launched FlattrChattr, a blog featuring news about what’s happening in the Flattr ecosystem. I hear that they might do an article about Flattr FOSS… and it’s not an April fool’s joke 🙂

Anyway, here are 5 suggestions of free software related “things” that you can support with Flattr.

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  1. Libre Office via The Document Foundation (Flattr link). This is the fork of the famous that all major distributions (including Debian) are using. The foundation runs a fundraising challenge to cover the expected costs in terms of marketing, hardware, infrastructure and so on.
  2. Greenshot (Flattr link) is a nice Windows application to take screenshots.
  3. Debian Packages that Need Lovin’ (Flattr link) is a web interface where you can easily browse the list of Debian packages that are in need of some help, or a new maintainer. It’s much more usable than the corresponding entry in the bug tracker (see wnpp) or even than the corresponding page on the official website (see here).
  4. Patchage (Flattr link) is a modular patch bay for Jack audio and Alsa Midi. Patchage provides a graphical interface to connect jack and midi inputs and outputs. Each application is represented as one box with inputs on the left and output on the right. Boxes can be moved around and arranged to have a clear display of the current setup. (Description copied from the corresponding Debian package because I’m not familiar at all with any of this stuff)
  5. Seif Lotfy (Flattr link) is one of the leading developers behind the Zeitgeist framework used by modern desktops to provide more “contextual awareness”. The framework logs your activity, establishes relationships between your documents based on many criteria, and makes all the information available to applications. They can use it to make it easier to find your documents, to provide improved contextual suggestions, etc.

This article is part of the Flattr FOSS project.


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    Great idea this, but obviously this is merely the tip of the iceberg. I’d like this type of post to be made into a list where users could submit projects etc and after verification they be posted.