Discover New Free Software to Flattr

Flattr FOSS LogoYou’re getting used to it by now, a new month comes with a new set of free software projects that are using Flattr.

By the way, the number of free software projects accepting donations via Flattr might quickly increase now that Flattr dropped the requirement to put money in the system to be able to receive donations (see the announce here).

  1. Remuco (Flattr link) lets you control your Linux Media Player remotely from your mobile phone (via Bluetooth or Wifi). It supports a wide range of media players. It can run on any mobile phone supporting Java (J2ME) but there’s also a dedicated Android client.
  2. GNU SASL (Flattr link) is an implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer framework that is used by many network services (e.g., IMAP, SMTP) to request authentication from clients, and also to respond to those authentication requests.
  3. Bley (Flattr link) is an intelligent greylisting daemon for Postfix. It triggers the greylisting only on suspicious clients listed on common black lists (RBL) thus avoiding the delay for most legitimate mails. I like this setup but I have been using whitelister to achieve this.
  4. OpenStreetGame (Flattr link) is a little educative game that you can play in your browser. It gives you a city (a capital of a country) and you have to click on its location on the map. If you’re too far, you won’t be able to complete the levels of increasing difficulty. It’s a simple way to learn some geography…
  5. Debian Administration (Flattr link) is a website with lots of articles about the administration of Debian systems. It’s run by Steve Kemp (a former Debian developer) but the articles are contributed by many volunteers. Free software gives its best when it comes with good free documentation.

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