People behind Debian: Ben Hutchings, member of the kernel team

Ben Hutchings, photo by Andrew Mc Millan, license CC-BY-2.0

Discover Ben Hutchings, a Debian developer working on the Linux kernel, and learn more about the changes that Debian Wheezy will bring at the kernel level.

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My Debian Activities in November 2011

My monthly summary is always a good way to have the latest news of Debian projects that I am working on. This month a dpkg backport, further work on multiarch, bug triaging, various package uploads, a translation of a chapter of my book, and more.

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People behind Debian: Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian Project Leader

picture by Tiago Bortoletto Vaz, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Stefano Zacchiroli shares his thoughts about his Debian Project Leader mandate, explains how he became Debian developer, shares what excites him in the next Debian release, and more.

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People Behind Debian: Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s founder

Mark Shuttleworth

In this interview, Mark Shuttleworth shares the reasons why he created Ubuntu and comes back on the history of the relationships between Ubuntu and Debian.

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20 Things to Learn About APT With the Free Chapter of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

We just released a sample chapter of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook. It covers the APT family of tools: apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, update-manager, etc. This article highlights 20 things (among others) that you can learn in this chapter.

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My Debian activities in October 2011

Debian Handbook Banner

This is my monthly summary of my Debian related activities. If you’re among the people who made a donation to support my work (130.30 €, thanks everybody!), then you can learn how I spent your money. Otherwise it’s just an interesting status update on my various projects. Dpkg work The month started with fixing newly […]

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The promising OpenMediaVault failed its debut as free software project


Volker Theile is well known for his work on FreeNAS. But at one point, he decided to give up on it and to restart from scratch but this time based on Debian (instead of FreeBSD). OpenMediaVault is the name of this new Debian based product. Here’s how he defines the project: OpenMediaVault is the next […]

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Debian joins Dropbox’s officially supported platforms along with Fedora and Ubuntu

If you checkout Dropbox’s Linux download page, you will see that Debian packages are provided. Up to a few days ago, they only provided packages for Ubuntu and Fedora. I’m glad to see that packaging nautilus-dropbox for Debian and being in touch with them due to this led to this result. Another positive outcome is […]

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What about creating The Ubuntu Administrator’s Handbook?

I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign whose ultimate goal is to liberate the English translation of a French book that I have written. This book will be named The Debian Administrator’s Handbook because it has primarily been written for Debian. Creating a new Ubuntu book based on The Debian Administrator’s Handbook But since Ubuntu […]

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GNOME 3 transition happening in Debian unstable

The few articles I wrote that explained how to install GNOME 3 from Debian experimental have been very popular. So I figured out that a small update would be welcome. The Debian GNOME team started uploading a mix of GNOME 3.0 and 3.2 packages to Debian unstable because the release team is ready to take […]

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