Contributing to the translation of Debian


Learn the basics to start contributing to Debian as a translator.

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People Behind Debian: Josselin Mouette, founder of the Debian GNOME team

Josselin Mouette

Josselin Mouette, one of the leaders of the pkg-gnome team which is responsible of packaging GNOME for Debian, is sharing his plans for Wheezy and gives us his opinion of GNOME 3.

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Answering questions of Debian users on various support channels

Help button

When you start your journey with Debian, you tend to have lots of questions. Those can be asked on various support channels.
Those are the places where you can also start your journey as a Debian contributor… instead of asking questions, you just have to answer questions of other users! Read on to learn more about this activity!

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Debian related goals for 2012

2012 Goals

Discover the Debian related goals I set for myself in 2012.

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Review of my Debian related goals for 2011

Each year I setup goals for myself… and each year I review them to see how it went. This is my review of last year’s goals.

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People Behind Debian: Steve McIntyre, debian-cd maintainer, former Debian Project Leader

Steve McIntyreLearn to know Steve McIntyre, a Debian developer since 1996. He was Debian Project Leaders for 2 years and is the man generating all the ISO images for each Debian release for as long as I remember.[Continue reading…]

My Debian Activities in December 2011

My monthly summary is always a good way to have the latest news of Debian projects that I am working on.

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300 EUR for Debian


It’s the amount of the wire transfer that I made to ffis e.V., the German association that works together with Software in the Public Interest to hold Debian’s monetary assets. This amount includes the 10% of the benefits of my Debian DVD sales (for a total of 47 USD =~ 36 EUR) and the 15% […]

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“3.0 (quilt)” is the most widely used Debian source package format

Number of 3.0 (quilt) source packages

2 years after the introduction of the new source package formats “3.0 (quilt)” and “3.0 (native)” in Debian unstable, they are already the most widely used in Debian.

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People behind Debian: Ben Hutchings, member of the kernel team

Ben Hutchings, photo by Andrew Mc Millan, license CC-BY-2.0

Discover Ben Hutchings, a Debian developer working on the Linux kernel, and learn more about the changes that Debian Wheezy will bring at the kernel level.

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