My Free Software History

On this page, I try to keep a log of my activities in the free software world. But I don’t update it very frequently and it’s not exhaustive. You can learn much more by checking out my blog.

Last update: 2015-04-02


  • March
    • Lots of LTS work as usual
    • New openssh.known_hosts state in openssh-formula for Saltstack
  • February
    • Fix/improve VAT rules in Tryton’s French chart of accounts
    • dirvish-formula for Saltstack
  • January
    • Multiple fixes to French chart of accounts in Tryton
    • debootstrap-formula, schroot-formula and sbuild-formula for Saltstack


  • December
    • Contributed to salt-formula: ready to use states to configure salt with salt itself.
    • Lots of Debian LTS work
    • Multiple bugfixes in live-build 4.x
  • November
    • First draft of DEP14 (on Git packaging repositories)
    • Debian LTS initiative growing with Ben Hutchings joining us.
  • October
    • First features of derivative support in Distro Tracker
    • Last packaging work before Jessie’s freeze (Publican, Django, etc.)
  • September
    • Pushed Django 1.7 in unstable
    • Started doing paid LTS work
  • August
    • Distro Tracker infrastructure work
  • July
  • June


  • December
    • Publication of the Wheezy version of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook.
  • November
  • September
  • August
    • Attended Debconf13 in Vaumarcus
    • Created a package for the rewritten PTS
    • Wrote a script to update Debian France’s accounting books when members renew their subscription.
  • July
    • Liberation of the French translation of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook
    • Got re-elected as president of Debian France
  • June
  • May
  • April
    • Debian France work (galette, bylaws)
    • Work on Wheezy’s accessibility support
  • March
    • Release of Kali Linux
    • New website for Debian France
  • February
    • Debian France decided to fund some improvements on Galette
    • Security updates of Django and WordPress.
  • January
    • Lots of work for Debian France


  • December
    • Debian live and Debian installer improvements.
  • November
    • Published work-in-progress translations of the Debian Handbook.
    • Attended the mini-DebConf in Paris that Debian France organized.
  • October
  • September
  • August
    • Proposed myself as president for Debian France and convinced Sylvestre Ledru and Julien Danjou to assist me as treasurer and secretary.
  • July
    • Several discussions to plan for important changes at the dpkg level (changelog/copyright as metadata, syntax for bin-nmu).
    • Setup of weblate to translate the book.
  • June
    • Made various improvements to the “3.0 (quilt)” source package format.
    • Manned the Debian France booth at Solutions Linux for 3 days.
    • Big improvements in the wordpress packaging to properly support plugins and themes installed by the user.
    • Packaged CppUTest
  • May
  • April
    • Lots of work on the book. Liberation fund of the Debian Handbook has been completed.
    • Packaged wordpress 3.3.2, sql-ledger 3 and sponsored ledgersmb.
  • March
    • Finalized the cover for the Debian Administrator’s Handbook.
    • Packaged quilt 0.60, zim 0.55
    • Lots of work on the book. Liberation fundraising is at 88%.
  • February
    • Lots of multiarch discussion after an initial upload to experimental.
    • Packaged quilt 0.51, sql-ledger 2.8.36. Some early work to anticipate publican 3.0.
  • January
    • Started to design the Debian Package Maintenance Hub.
    • Improved the PTS to display more info about ongoing transitions.
    • Packaged WordPress 3.3.1, quilt 0.50, feed2omb 0.9.2, new gnome-shell-timer snapshot.
    • Created the dh-linktree package.


  • December
    • Packaged WordPress 3.3, quilt 0.50, zim 0.54.
    • Further improvements to the nautilus-dropbox packaging.
    • Review of ledgersmb’s package.
    • Multiarch work on dpkg.
  • November
    • The crowdfunding campaign for the Debian Administrator’s Handbook is over. The liberation target is not yet reached (we’re at 59%).
    • Released dpkg
    • Created a squeeze backport for dpkg
    • Multiarch work on dpkg.
    • Moved the Package Tracking System from to together with Martin Zobel Helas.
  • October
    • The crowdfunding campaign for the Debian Administrator’s Handbook reached its minimal goal.
    • Serious improvements for the nautilus-dropbox packaging.
    • Creation of dh_linktree while packaging a wordpress update.
    • Released a security update for python-django.
    • Multiarch work on dpkg.
  • September
    • Drafted the announcement for the dpkg 1.16.1 release.
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs discovered in dpkg 1.16.1.
    • Bootstrapped a hardening release goal.
    • Launched the crowdfunding campaign for the Debian Administrator’s Handbook.
  • August
    • Packaged WordPress 3.2.1.
    • Packaged gnome-shell-timer for easy usage of the Pomodoro technique in GNOME Shell.
    • Test & help setup the new repositories with versions of dpkg autobuilt from Git (courtesy of Michael Prokop).
  • July
    • Attended the Libre Software Meeting and helped on the Debian booth.
    • Attended Debconf11, held a BoF about Debian Rolling.
    • Improved dpkg-buildflags so that it’s possible to enable hardening build flags by default.
    • Improved the “3.0 (quilt)” source format to avoid recording unexpected changes.
  • June
    • Lots of work on dpkg (2 new features, a dozen of bugfixes, many discussions with the technical committee/the policy team/the debhelper maintainer)
    • Setup the website of my English book:
    • Created an official Package for Dropbox.
  • May
    • Preliminary work on “SAT-Britney”, a tool to help manage Debian rolling & testing.
    • Improvements to dpkg triggers.
    • Represented Debian at Solutions Linux in Paris (held a booth).
    • Helped admins after a big infrastructural change.
  • April
  • March
  • February
  • January





  • Launched the Misc Developer News (first issue).
  • Worked on dpkg: rewrite and simplification of dependencies by dpkg-gencontrol.
  • Made lots of contributions for the DSA team hoping to get integrated in the future (it never happened). Wrote a patch to integrate a “web” password in the central LDAP to be used in the central Request Tracker installation, and to be used in a new Openid authentication service (see ticket 55, account “guest”, password “readonly”).
  • Drafted a centralized and somewhat standardized description of teams on (I made the layout and filled the first few teams, the rest has been contributed).
  • Wrote guidelines for Debian’s internal teams:
  • Wrote a specification to enhance the (generated) dependencies on shared libraries. Implemented the specification, the result got merged in dpkg 1.14.8.
  • Alioth goes slowly forward: support of Mercurial, Thijs Kinkhorst help us to sort the uncontrolled installations of web applications.
  • Candidated as DPL with the goal to put a team in place.
  • Insisted until we got the right to make backups of Alioth on (alas after a serious incident)








  • Helped to setup the first Debian conference (debconf 0) during the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) in Bordeaux (France).
  • Worked a lot withing Debian-QA. Sponsored lots of persons that wanted to become Debian developers (including Christian Marillat).


  • Created, the website of Debian’s quality assurance team.
  • Contributed to the creation of the perl policy and coordinated the migration to perl 5.005.
  • Setup the sponsorship system for the new maintainers. Prospective developers can have their work reviewed and their package integrated before becoming official developers (which at that time was taking too long).
  • Write YACS (Yet Another CD Script) which quickly became debian-cd, the official script used to generate ISO images of Debian.
  • Got a primary push mirror in France.
  • A NMU on dpkg to fix a core dump related to locales (in fact I did nothing complicated, I just recompiled with a different option).



  • First installation of Debian on my PC.